Berlin Travel Pictures by Sergey Galyonkin

The below photos are taken by Sergey Galyonkin. If you want to see more of his amazing photos please visit his profile at Flickr : Sergey Galyonkin Image title : Berliner Dom, Germany Source Image title : Berliner Dom, Germany Source Image title : Berliner Dom, Germany Source Image title : A bicycle with flowers in Berlin Source Image title …

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 Hallo there! @elisaparkranger again visiting #Saarland. Yesterday we met Tatjana and her 22 wolves at Werner Wolfspark in Merzig. It's not a zoo but a park in which their behavior is studied. They have big enclosures and can still hunt small preys. We have learnt so much about them. Did you know that you could see wolves in Saarland? ...

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 I am in love! I have only been in Rüdesheim for half an hour and I am trully charmed. If you want to see more from here, just follow along the rest of the day. / Daniela from @discoveringtheplanet #enjoygermannature #mitttyskland #rudesheim #germanytourism A post shared by Germany Tourism (@germanytourism) on Sep 24, 2016 at 5:51am PDT

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 Good morning ! @mmeoreille again ! Can you imagine a better way to spend a hot day than walking in the forest ? That's what we did yesterday, and if you look carefully to this picture, you'll see my daughter, a tiny little toddler happy to pick up woodsticks ! #EnjoyGermanNature #visitgermany #germanytourism #visitbawu #SunnyBaWu #Schwarzwaldtourismus #jaimelallemagne A post ...

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 What a beauty! Thanks @the_kafka for this stunning shot. #enjoygermannature #visitgermany #germanytourism #visitbavaria A post shared by Germany Tourism (@germanytourism) on Aug 31, 2016 at 3:17pm PDT

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 Have a guess! Which city do you see on this amazing sunset picture? Tip: It is a city in State of #Hesse 😉 Thank you @kutterknlich for this beautiful photo! #visitgermany #germanytourism #mustsee A post shared by Germany Tourism (@germanytourism) on Aug 17, 2016 at 9:09am PDT

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 In Erfurt we (@flomotionprod and @laurentlingelser) love the old architecture ! #deinThüringen #visitThuringia #Thuringe #visitgermany #germanytourism #jaimelallemagne A post shared by Germany Tourism (@germanytourism) on Aug 9, 2016 at 5:11am PDT

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 Hi everyone! I'm @sandra.mode, a photographer from London. I'm currently exploring the beautiful Black Forest area with my friend @thefella. This morning we got caught in a huge thunderstorm but the best thing about them are the low, rolling clouds that come out after just like this photo here. #enjoygermannature #visitgermany #germanytourism A post shared by Germany Tourism (@germanytourism) ...

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 Hello again from the reservation of the Black Forest! Audrey (@roulettesetsacados) and I (@corinne_) where able to hike together for the first time, thanks to the 10km barrier free path that goes through the untouched nature. Since 1911, no tree has been taken down. Nature and humans stand strong, together! #germany #ruhestein #jaimelallemagne #enjoygermannature #visitbawu #barrierfreegermany #travelgram #ourplanetdaily #passionpassport ...

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 It comes to the last day of me(@kelvin_yuen_ ) updating here! Except being so excited watching the match with the locals, I also met a #meteor the SECOND time during this trip in Germany. Can't be luckier than this. The good thing about #koblenz is that, it takes only 10 mins drive from citycenter, then we reached a countryside ...