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Travel Photos and Trip updates about France

Brief information about France

France is the world’s top tourist destination, with 83 million foreign tourists.
One of the main attraction is the capital city Paris. The city's romantic image, the stunning architecture, the Louvre museum, the iconic Eiffel Tower as well as the simple but interesting cafés keep you excited.
This country has everything, from sandy beaches, to snow covered mountains and vast expanses of countryside. France is, of course, inseparable from its famed gastronomical traditions and the chance to dine on French specialities, even the clichéd snails or steak tartare is no doubt a major part of what attracts visitors to the country.
France has some 39 sites on Unesco's World Heritage list, putting it fourth in the global rankings. Museums and art galleries are also a major pull for tourists. The Louvre alone, home to the Mona Lisa among around 35,000 other artifacts and artworks, attracts 9.7 million visitors a year, more than any other museum in the world.

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Main Cities of France

List of major cities which is popular with tourist sights. France has numerous cities of interest to travellers, below is a list of nine of the most notable:
  • Paris — the "City of Light", romance and the Eiffel Tower
  • Bordeaux — city of wine, traditional stone mansions and smart terraces
  • Bourges — gardens, canals and a cathedral listed as a UNESCO heritage site
  • Lille — a dynamic northern city known for its handsome centre and active cultural life
  • Lyon — France's second city with a history from Roman times to the Resistance
  • Marseille — Third largest French city with a harbour as big as its place as the heart of Provence
  • Nantes — the "Greenest City" and, according to some, the best place to live in Europe
  • Strasbourg — famous for its historical centre, and home to many European institutions
  • Toulouse — the "Pink City", for its distinctive brick architecture, main city of Occitania

Top destinations in France

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